Lambgoat – Review

By Mike Delano

At a time when most websites should come equipped with a preemptive epilepsy warning because of their home pages’ eyeball-tearing information overload, stands out with its refreshing, no-nonsense look. Clean lines, plenty of white space – the attractive, super-minimalist design temporarily belies the fact that the site houses all manner of dark entries from the world of metal, hardcore, and extreme sounds. The focus is on music news: Lineup changes, label signings, album announcements, tour dates… it’s all here, with a prominent display of how many times the news story has been viewed so you can gauge just how out of the loop you’ll be if you skip it. Occasional feature interviews get into more detail with the bands, and the Lambgoat blog is worth checking regularly for free songs or entire albums. Reviews are added regularly, and there’s some deep under-the-surface content as well, from detailed individual band pages to a searchable news database to upcoming release calendars. And, for the truly adventurous, there are always the message boards, where you can find everything from queries about the new Blut Aus Nord album to NBA trades to A1 steak sauce spills.