Ys I & II Chronicles – Review

g-ys-chronicles200Ys I & II Chronicles

By Mike Delano

Both of the Ys games released for the PSP in 2010 were excellent, and this third trip into that retro universe, while not quite as impressive as its predecessors, adheres to those same high standards. A remake of the first two classic Ys games from the late ’80s, Ys I&II Chronicles incorporates the satisfying, lightning fast travel and combat from Ys Seven and the streamlined storytelling of Ys: The Oath in Felghana. Things might be a little too streamlined for some: While I love the streamlined “no button” combat, it basically consists of ramming into enemies until they explode, with nary a tactic or attack command in sight. But retro never looked this good, with bright, colorful sprite work jumping out of the screen and some witty dialogue that makes non-playable characters worth interacting with. And since it’s Ys, the music is incredible, offering selections that range from rousing to intriguingly creepy, whether you choose (on the fly) the reworked score or the flawless original.