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Black Stone Cherry goes for the gut with new video

Edmonton, KY rock band Black Stone Cherry has premiered their moving video for “In My Blood”.  The documentary-style video follows PFC Randy Hirneisen, a 20-year-old soldier with U.S. Army Europe, and his journey from his deployment in Afghanistan as a ‘tanker’ to the his redeployment back to his assignment in Germany and finally to his arrival home in Augusta, Georgia where his wife, Cindy Torres, introduces him to his two month old son Randy Hirneisen Jr. for the first time. 
To celebrate Hirneisen’s homecoming, Black Stone Cherry also participated in a surprise homecoming party for the soldier, his family and friends in Augusta on January 16, 2012.  Black Stone Cherry surprised him with a special six song acoustic set to show their appreciation for telling his story and being part of the video for such a special song as well as for the service to our country.  Black Stone Cherry grew up in a small town in rural Kentucky where many of their family and friends have served or are currently serving in a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces.  The band wanted to do something to acknowledge this appreciation and reached out to the U.S. Army to find someone who would help bring awareness to the struggles and sacrifices that a soldier, such as PFC Hirneisen, has to endure to protect our country. 


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