Legasista – Review


(NIS America for PSN)
By Mike Delano

Do you dream of stats? Like, do streams of numbers race across the inside of your eyelids in the same way that they fly across the screen during montages in bad futuristic movies? In your brain, do you hear stats being announced in much the same way Grave Digger is announced during monster truck commercials? If you answered yes, then Legasista is for you. In fact, I can’t think of a more appropriate time of year for this downloadable dungeon crawler to release than at the beginning of fantasy football season, another bastion for stat fiends. The game’s fundamentals are pretty basic: Guide your adventurer through booby-trap and enemy-filled floors, grabbing loot and leveling up along the way. It controls well and is attractive in a colorful, minimalist way, but the only way Legasista really distinguishes itself is by feeding the need of those who love to spend time in menus, tweaking everything to their heart’s content. You’re encouraged to spend way too much time tinkering with equipment, party configurations, weapons, spells, and all manner of customizable stuff. That can be fun for a while, sure, but in the long term it’s for a chosen few; namely, those looking to unleash their inner accountant.