Royal Republic – Save The Nation – Review

royalrepublic200Royal Republic

Save The Nation (Roadrunner Records)
release date: 8/24/2012
by Scott Hefflon

Almost definitely only on Roadrunner UK, not US. This kinda bright’n’shiny, smiling rock outfit with perfect hair just doesn’t fly ’round here, unless, like, you count Jonas Brothers and that kiddie shit. And you best not, at least within arm’s length of me. From Sweden, really glossy and littered with lyrical cliches, the title track is catchy and hopeful and a little naughty, in an airbrushed boy band kinda way. The US audiences can just never seem to sink their teeth into stuff like The Wildhearts, Grand Theft Audio (had a couple sweet tunes in Dude, Where’s My Car?), and early 2000 neo-glam/ScandRock like Backyard Babies.