Call Of The Void – Dragged Down A Dead End Path – Review

callofthevoid200Call Of The Void

Dragged Down A Dead End Path (Relapse)
By Rick Ecker

Boulder, Colorado’s Call Of The Void play some brutal hardcore combined with grind and metal that will get your ass into a frenzy. This band really hits the ground running with this debut 10-track release that doesn’t let go of you from when you start listening until the last note has been played.

The one-two punch of speed and intensity on opener “Failure” explodes in an abundance of ferocity with awesome riffs and blast beats galore. Vocalist Steve Vanica has angry screams and rage that you can feel. “Theory of Mind” continues the aural assault and amps up the fury to a fever pitch, and “Bottom Feeder” throws in a sludge-induced breakdown but still keeps the head-banging intensity going.

Gordon Koch on drums just obliterates his drum kit with his intense and heavy playing, Patrick Alberts on guitar has the perfect amount of riffage that adds to these songs without trying to take away from the all out power of them, and Alex Pace’s bass has all the extra heaviness and rumbling to give your innards a good shaking. Vanica’s venomous vocals are spot on.

“Breeding Grounds” is one heavier than hell track, just crushing in its beauty, and “Napalm Lungs” is some grind that blows through you like a knife through butter. “I Hope You Two Fuck” has some great riffs, awesome drumming and some of the most pissed off vocals that you will hear in any song, and album closer “Faith & Filth” is a devastating, gloriously wicked end to the album.

These guys just have the right amount of anger and ferocity to appeal to fans of crust, d-beat, hardcore and grind, and you will find a track that will get you up and moshing around your room (just don’t mosh the kitties). For a debut album, this has the sound of a seasoned band with production that keeps things dirty and rough sounding. Keep your ears and eyes on these guys — they will be around to scare your neighbors for a long time.