Darkstalkers Resurrection – Review

g-darkstalkers200Darkstalkers Resurrection

(Capcom for XBLA)
By Mike Delano

Darkstalkers is an awesome franchise. Don’t get me started on the inventive character designs exploding with color, the fantastic animations filled with humor, the speedy/slow (depending on your Turbo toggle preference) battles with outrageous super attacks – it’ll be a long day if you do. Darkstalkers Resurrection may not be the royal treatment that the series deserves – it’s neither a definitive collection (the first game is missing) nor a particularly inventive way to bring the series into 2013 (it’s two classic games presented without many frills) – but as a precursor for a possible reboot of the franchise, it’s a tantalizing prospect. And after all, what is here (Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge and Darkstalkers 3) is excellent, and it’ll save fans from having to dust off their PSP or PSone to get their Darkstalkers fix. The luckiest ones, though, are the ones who have haven’t experienced this universe yet. They get to meet this motley crew of sex bomb succubi, Mayan death robots, heavy metal zombies and metrosexual mermen for the first time, and I’m envious. Take a trip into this vortex macabre and keep your claws crossed for what the future may hold.