Devin Townsend Project – The Retinal Circus – Review

devintownsendproject200Devin Townsend Project

The Retinal Circus (InsideOut Music)
release date: 9/30/2013
by Scott Hefflon

It was only a matter of time before mad scientist Devin Townsend filmed a rock opera. His solo material often soars into operatic territory, then divebombs, roaring vocal hellfire and shrieking metallic death from the skies. He and his merry band of pranksters are as comfortable with gospel choirs as blastbeats, life-affirming, glowing choruses, and deathy bellows of Satan’s worst toothache. “Addicted,” in either live or its original form, is simply one of my least favorite songs of recent albums, and really had me doubting the direction of the album that bears its name. Addicted (the album) has since become a part of my life, a go-to for soaring, anthemic, glorious pop metal, one of the best displays of male/female pairing in our lifetime. Not just in metal, I mean in all of music. I simply start with song three and let it ride. Any fan of Queen or Queensrÿche or Muse (bands you absorb by album, and by time period, not by hit single) should already be a die-hard fan. This two-hour DVD (or CD companion) is a must, whether this trudging tune conveys it or not.