Ignite – A War Against You – Review


A War Against You (Century Media)
By Mike Delano

What would it sound like if Snapcase and Twisted Sister had a baby? I can truthfully say I never considered that question before, but that was before hearing the new Ignite album. These OG SoCal punkers have a big, infectious sound that’s equal parts driving, aggressive punk and stadium-ready, anthemic supersongs. It’s hard to think of many bands that would be just as comfortable midday on the Warped Tour as they would be opening for Def Leppard, but it’s a testament to Ignite’s command of their craft and decades of dedication that they can wield such an unlikely sound and make it work. A War Against You, like all Ignite albums, is anything but background music — these songs demand your attention, whether it’s the fist-pumping “Begin Again” or the controlled intensity of “Oh No Not Again.” Zoli Teglas’ voice is clear and commanding, guitarists Brian Balchack and Kevin Kilkenny can switch from big riffs to chugga-chugga punk pit-movers with ease, and drummer Craig Anderson pounds on his kit like it’s about to be taken away. To have this kind of intensity after 20+ years is remarkable (“still awake, don’t ever sleep” as they say on the aptly named “Nothing Can Stop Me”) and inspiring.