Nick Oliveri and the Mondo Generator new LP, Fuck It – News

Nick Oliveri and the Mondo Generator new LP, Fuck It

First New Album in Eight Years from California Group Featuring Former Queens of the Stone Age/Kyuss Bassist

Mondo Generator (aka Nick Oliveri and the Mondo Generator) was founded in 1997 by Queens of the Stone Age bassist/singer Nick Oliveri (ex-Kyuss). The name of the band originated when then-Kyuss drummer Brant Bjork spray-painted the words on the side of Oliveri’s Sunn amplifier. Fast forward to 2020 and Nick Oliveri’s Mondo Generator is back with Fuck It, its first studio album in eight years! The LP will see a February 21 release via Heavy Psych Sounds Records.

Recorded at Josh Homme’s Pink Duck Studios in Burbank, California, Fuck It features the talents of desert rock patrons Mike Amster (drums, Nebula) and Mike Pygmie (guitar, John Garcia and the Band of Gold) and delivers a mix of speed rock, American punk and hardcore in the old school Black Flag / Dead Kennedys fashion buttressed with tinges of the desert rock that Kyuss fans know and love. The LP’s songwriting is energetic and alive and the record’s vocal melodies give the music its trademark sound. Don’t expect the Los Angeles-based trio to mince their words: ‘Fuck It’ is nothing but a wild ride; 14 massive, modern desperado tales in Oliveri’s signature horns-raising rock ‘n’ roll style. You can definitely hear the punk attitude of the QOTSA band with whom Nick played for many years seeping through the record’s every note.

“’Fuck It’ by the new and improved Mondo Generator is the best MG record yet,” says Oliveri confidently. “The band is Mike Pygmie, Mike Amster, and myself with guests Blag Jesus (Dwarves), Olga Svetlana, Dickie Moist (Moistboyz), Bob Balch (Fu Manchu). It simply kicks ass.”

   Track listing

   1.) Nowhere Man
   2.) Up Against The Void
   3.) Kyuss Dies!
   4.) Turboner
   5.) Fuck It
   6.) When Death Comes
   7.) Listening to the Daze
   8.) Silver Tequila: 666 Miles Away
   9.) S_V_E_T_L_A_N_A_S
 10.) There’s Nothing Wrong
 11.) Death Van Trip
 12.) It’s You I Don’t Believe
 13.) Option Four
 14.) Disease With No Control

Pre-order Mondo Generator’s Fuck It at this location. Heavy Psych Sounds Records is distributed in the USA by All That Is Heavy and Forced Exposure.

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