Mrs. Piss – Knelt – Music Stream

Mrs. Piss

(Sargent House)
Release Date: 5/29/20
by Scott Hefflon

People revere Chelsea Wolfe as a dark prophet, much as they did Dax Riggs. As they should. Whether it’s doom metal plod or grunge metal grr, Chelsea Wolfe maintains a creepy, stylistic consistency throughout. So while offhand comparisons to blackgaze queen Myrkur perhaps “haunted” her a couple years back, Wolfe’s ’60s-folk strum mixed with Gothy reverb and slacker beats have proved her worth every drop of near-overwhelming pretension. While “Downer Surrounded by Uppers” is more fist-pumping L7 yowl and Medicine fuzz, “Knelt” is a gorgeous sludge crawl, like Kylsea, or lots of plodding stoner doom I’m told I don’t do enough heroin to fully appreciate.

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