Helalyn Flowers release Airesis in February – News

Helalyn Flowers release sixth studio album, Àiresis, in February

Out on February 19th is Àiresis, the sixth studio album by the Italian female fronted electro-rock act Helalyn Flowers. The release is available in three formats, a normal 10-track CD (available here in pre-order), a 21-track double CD (available here in pre-order), and a download via Bandcamp (available here in pre-order).
The double CD includes a 11-track Skepsis bonus disc featuring remix collaborations with Jean-Marc Lederman, Implant, Imjudas, Junksista, Alien_Nation, Planet Pop, Exophantom, Digital Shadows, Mario Rühlicke, and DJ Und3Rmin3R.
The limited deluxe edition of the new album features exclusive artwork design by Noemi Aurora herself (www.toxic-visions.com).
Featured on this new album are the two tracks “Metropolis Necropolis” and “Suicidal Birds” which both got the video treatment.