The Appleseed Cast’s 2002 Lost Songs LP to be Released on Vinyl – News

The Appleseed Cast’s 2002 Lost Songs LP to be Released on Vinyl

Pioneering Kansas City, MO emo rock band The Appleseed Cast’s 2002 Deep Elm release Lost Songs is now available to pre-order on vinyl via Thirty Something Records.

Comprised of material recorded after the band’s 1998 debut, The End Of The Ring Wars, and before 2000’s Mare Vitalis, Lost Songs displays the transitional phase of the band in between the two albums. Carefully uniting old-school and new-school songwriting styles, Lost Songs combines the bitter emotional release of the band’s earliest recordings and the meticulous soundscapes crafted through endless hours of studio time on later recordings. Dynamic song structures, hurricane-force rhythms, and ultra-vivid lyrics paint bold portraits of disillusion and heartache, while at other points, Lost Songs overflows with swells of symphonics, feedback, and electronics.

Pre-Order Lost Songs HERE.

The title joins the already released (and still available) vinyl reissue of the band’s long out-of-print 2000 Deep Elm sophomore release, Mare Vitalis.

Ominous, powerful, and magnetizing like the sea, Mare Vitalis is dreamy and charming, and flows from a tide of moody energy with guitars that sweep around complex, precision rhythms. A masterpiece of timeless inspiration, the record is absolutely stunning.

Available in the Thirty Something records store: with worldwide shipping AND both are also available at for US customers to save some $$$ on shipping.


The Appleseed Cast – Lost Songs LP
Total first pressing of 500
Turquoise- LTD. to 250 (TSR – Exclusive)
Dark Clear Blue – LTD. to 250
– LP on heavy 180 gram vinyl
– heavy deluxe sleeve
– new artwork and illustrations by Zum Heimathafen
– inlay with lyrics
– rainbow foil partially applied to the front cover (diamond)

Please Note That This Is A Pre-Order Item. All Items Ordered Along With This Item Will Be Shipped Mid November 2021!

Side A
A1 E to W
A2 Peril Parts 1, 2 and 3
A3 Novice
A4 Facing North
A5 Take

Side B
B1 State N W / K
B2 House On A Hill
B3 Beach Gray
B4 Novice Ambient Cannabalization

Under exclusive license and in coordination with Deep Elm Records.

The Appleseed Cast – Mare Vitalis 2xLP
Limited 20th-anniversary reissue
Total second pressing of 500.
Colors: Green w/ blue marble LTD. to 120
Clear – LTD. to 60 (TSR label shop exclusive)
Clear w/ blue circle – LTD. to 120 (TSR label shop exclusive)
Orange w/ purple marble – LTD. to 70
Black (Disc 1)/Clear (Disc 2) – LTD. to 70 (TSR label shop exclusive)
– 2x LP on heavy 180 gram vinyl
– new artwork and illustrations by Zum Heimathafen
– embossed heart graphic on outer sleeve
– heavy deluxe gatefold sleeve

Side A
A1 The Immortal Soul Of Mundt Cani
A2 Fishing The Sky
A3 Forever Longing The Golden Sunsets
A4 Mare Mortis

Side B
B1 Santa Maria
B2 Secret
B3 … And Nothing Less

Side C
C1 Poseidon
C2 Kilgore Trout
C3 Storms

Side D
D1 Untitled

Under exclusive license and in coordination with Deep Elm Records.