Armageddon Dildos is back with new EP, Destruction – News

German cult EBM act Armageddon Dildos is back with new EP, Destruction

Out now via Alfa Matrix is the all new EP by the German cult EBM act Armageddon Dildos. 
Destruction is the 2nd EP taken from their last Dystopia album, featuring six previously unreleased songs and mixes.
Note that Uwe Kanka totally reinvented the title song through his own ‘darkroom’ mix, with different vocals and a fully revamped instrumentations. Also included is the exclusive and previously unreleased EBM cut “Colder” plus remixes by Aiboforcen, Alien Vampires, Lights of Euphoria, and Messiaen Noir.
7 tracks in total.
  1. Destruction 04:08
  2. Destruction (darkroom mix) 03:29
  3. Colder 03:43
  4. Ohne Dich (with or without mix by Aiboforcen) 04:06
  5. Burn Baby Burn (hot alien mix by Alien Vampires) 02:33
  6. Dance On Dead Bodies (kick your body mix by Lights Of Euphoria) 04:17
  7. Ohne Dich (toi et moi mix by Messiaen Noir) 05:53
The new EP, is available right now from Bandcamp and all other platforms.