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Lisa Hammer revives a ritual

Lisa Hammer (Requiem In White, Mors Syphilitica) has just unveiled her limited, expanded edition of her cult classic release, Dakini. Containing three previously unreleased tracks, Dakini finally sees its edition on colored vinyl.Dakini is music for ritual, introspection, and awakening of the senses. It was designed to carry the listener away from the manifest world and into a deeper space. That ritual is re-visited and re-imagined in the form of three bonus unreleased tracks “Chant Nr. 5,” “Hurdy Gurdy Gavotte,” & “Alte Clamat Epicurus,” a seven minute prelude where Lisa surpasses her best self by “spitting” spells and curses.Dakini is a complete manifesto of inner search in which a lot of influences from different genres of music are presented harmoniously, creating a mystical atmosphere and giving the opportunity to emerge unprecedented vocals, sometimes angelic and sometimes damned as if they come from another period forgotten by the time.

About Dakini:The Indian ragas correspond with times of the day, so the album represents a condensed 24 hours, which is perfect for ritual, or any emotional and spiritual trip. The medieval songs are matched with Indian ragas and tribal drums, Appalachian folk music, Middle-Eastern drones and opera to bring the four directions together, North South East and West. It’s a cultural and spiritual mix, all blending together in one album. Each of the songs has its own meditational/trance-inducing quality, regardless of its origin.

About Lisa Hammer:
Lisa Hammer is a unique singer with inexhaustible vocal abilities. Lisa excelled with the Gothsters Requiem In White with whom she released two albums in the early ’90s; Requiem In White (1990) and Of The Want Infinite (1994), while on the way she offered her magical voice to N.C.S., Mors Syphilitica, The Terror Twins, and Radiana.Lisa writes soundtrack music for film, theater, and TV and sings as a guest artist with the Brooklyn psychedelic musical project: Fashion Bird Danger Danger. She is currently writing and recording the next Radiana album, and a second solo album to be released by The Circle Music. Lisa is also an award-winning filmmaker, currently working on several projects.