The Oxys release debut album, A Date with the Oxys – News

The Oxys release debut album, A Date with the Oxys

Punk rock ‘n’ rollers The Oxys blend 1970s gutter rock, snot punk, and a smidge of power pop on their debut full-length. The record titled, A Date with the Oxys is now available as vinyl LP, CD and digital, courtesy of Cleveland’s Dead Beat Records. 
Formed by guitarist Jason “Ginchy” Kottwitz (Dead Boys, Sylvain Sylvain, Bulemics) upon his departure from the Dead Boys, The Oxys made their hometown debut with an extra spooky Halloween performance at Voodoo Doughnut located in the heart of notorious Sixth Street District in Downtown Austin.
“Since The Oxys music is a throwback to the late, great ’70s era of classic punk rock,” Ginchy says, “playing someplace off the beaten path felt right. Once VD offered to pay us in doughnuts, it was a green light for a no-cover, all-ages show right in the thick of the downtown Halloween action.”
Although that was their first Austin gig, the band performed at Creepy Fest in New Orleans in July. Shortly after that show, the band’s lead singer, Phil “Punkrockphil” Davis (Nowherebound) slipped into a coma for several weeks. Luckily he survived, was able to relearn the lyrics and regain his strength enough to resume performing. Band members include Gabriel Van Asher (Cheetah Chrome, Sylvain Sylvain, Mr. Lewis and the Funeral Five); Rob Williamson (Nowherebound); and Abel Garcia (Sex Pump).
“Writing a record while locked down during the pandemic and not being able to sit in a rehearsal room together was quite the experiment,” Ginchy says. He goes on to explain that “James Sheeran played drums and is photographed on the front cover of the record. However, he is not in the band anymore and was replaced with Rob Williamson, who recorded the bonus tracks for the CD version of the release. We are really pleased that we captured our music for historical purposes and are glad we can share that with fans.” Band’s influences include Teenage Head, Dead Boys, The Joneses, The Damned, Cheap Trick, The Weirdos, Alice Cooper, The Heartbreakers, Sensational Alex Harvey Band, and others.
The ten tracks on A Date with the Oxys were recorded at Ice Cream Factory in Austin, TX throughout May 2021. Record was produced by Jason “Ginchy” Kottwitz. Total playing time is just under 30 minutes. 
A Date With The Oxys Tracklisting:
1. Liars Betrayers and Spies
2. Motel Hell
3. Whadda Ya Have
4. Premeditated
5. Ain’t No Life
6. Rock N Roll Eyes
7. Machine Gun
8. Voodoo Queen
9. Anxieties
10. Crisis
**Two bonus tracks included on the CD version ONLY are the covers:
11. Fix Me (originally performed by The Joneses)
12. California Surf Queen (originally performed by Didjits)
Jason “Ginchy” Kottwitz on guitar
Phil “PunkrockPhil”Davis on vocals
Gabriel Von Asher on bass
Rob Williamson on drums
Abel Idle on guitar