U2 – Atomic City – Music Stream


“Atomic City”
Release Date: September 29, 2023
by Scott Deckman

New U2 … I know, blahhhhhhh. Well, I heard this on a dumb rock station while driving around and was piqued because it was obviously new and it wasn’t the usual butt rock crap they push. This particular station plays a good mix of ’80s and ’90s radio stompers, but the stuff it purveys from the turn of the century onward would make one switch to classical music. Well, I was thinking the Shins until the end where I clued into the unmistakle voice of Bono Vox. “Atomic City” is a leisurely pop thing, and it does bounce like post-2000 indie rock. The Edge’s guitar lines sound a bit different than what we’re used to; he apes ‘London Calling” at one point. It’s not the greatest thing since sliced Swiss cheese, but in the doldrum landscape of commericial rock radio, it doesn’t have to be to stand out. The band released the song ahead of its residence at Sphere at the Venetian in Las Vegas. U2 was the band picked for the techno marvel’s launch. Say what you will about these dinosaurs, but they are fully committed to going forward no matter how long in the tooth. God bless.