Johnny Marr – The Messenger – Review

February 22, 2013

It’s a curious thing to think that it’s been more than 25 years since seminal Manchester band The Smiths split up and yet it’s only now, in 2013, that Johnny Marr, the musical lynchpin of the band, is releasing his first solo album.

Limbeck – Already Gone – Review

January 31, 2013

A hand-clap shuffling rocker with “hey!” injections like classic T Rex or Gary Glitter. A song you should tuck into your random playlist.

Lasorda – Review

January 30, 2013

Members of Get Up Kids, fun, New Amsterdams, Kevin Devine, and Ghosty, but it’s more synth indie pop than indie rock, with Suzannah Johannes’ sweet voice.

The Evens – The Odds – Review

December 28, 2012

Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat, Fugazi, Embrace, Dischord Records, etc.) and former Warmers drummer Amy Farina. Still naturally catchy in that stripped-down way.

Metz – Review

November 29, 2012

Metz reminds us of the good ol’ days of pre-folk-cuddling Sub Pop and noisy rock labels like Amphetamine Reptile and Frank Kozik’s Man’s Ruin.

Title Fight – Floral Green – Review

November 13, 2012

Kids who’ve never heard Buzzcocks or Hüsker Dü or Leatherface or 30 other bands I could rattle off seem able to listen to them without throwing rocks at them.

HRVRD – Cardboard Houses – Review

November 12, 2012

From North Carolina, pretty new band, first release on a label of note, but there’s just not a lot to talk about with “Cardboard Houses.”

RevoltRevolt – Latah Nights – Review

October 5, 2012

Somewhere between fuzzy garage rock and the guitar wah-wah of Dinosaur Jr., RevoltRevolt are tour mates of fellow Boise, Idaho, indie stalwarts Built to Spill.

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