Wicker Man – Review

December 1, 1995

If Henry Rollins sang for White Zombie, and they were less industrial, it would sound like this.

Mindrot – Dawning – Review

November 1, 1995

Mindrot trudges through the dreary swamps of ambient noise and eerie instrumentalization and roars battlecries while kicking some serious ass.

Kreator – Cause for Conflict – Review

November 1, 1995

A terrifyingly powerful record, produced huger than anything in Kreator’s back catalog. The cover art isn’t like days of old, but it’s Kreator, so it’s great.

In Flames – Subterranean – Review

November 1, 1995

Crystal clear and tight instrumentals, raw and crisp Helloween-esque singing guitars. Vocals are like early Kreator, Whiplash, or more recently, At the Gates.

Fudge Tunnel – In A Word – Review

November 1, 1995

One of the heaviest bands on one of the most shitty-sounding records you’ve ever heard! Compiles unreleased and hard-to-find songs into a smorgasbord of sludge.

The Gathering – Mandylion – Review

November 1, 1995

Tastefully roaring guitars lay a foundation, which the subtle keyboards landscape, and upon which Anneke van Giersbergen dances and sings like a pagan goddess.

Sinister – Hate – Review

November 1, 1995

Ignoring anything resembling diversity within or between songs, Sinister just plain play mind-numbingly fast, trudgingly slow, and thoroughly demonic songs.

Bathory – Octagon – Review

November 1, 1995

Still has the hyperspeed attack, with cheesy lyrics about bleeding, bludgeoning, evil, and madness, mixed in with Judas-Priest-recorded-in-a-sewer-pipe metal.

Abscess – Urine Junkies – Review

November 1, 1995

Picture the results if Cannibal Corpse and Brutal Truth got drunk and tried to play punk death. I’m sure somebody will like this, possibly.

My Dying Bride – Trinity – Review

October 1, 1995

A collection of greatest hits off the first few albums, EPs and 7″s released just before their third full-length. Moody, heavy, and sweetly dismal.

Temperance – Review

October 1, 1995

When I put Temperance on my Walkman, when I’m riding my BMX on my paper route, it makes me feel totally free, man

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