The Used – Vulnerable – Review

April 15, 2012

These Utah rockers have sold millions and amassed a loyal following. They put a twist on their traditionally heavy sound with dub reggae on “Hands and Faces.”

No Trigger – Tycoon – Review

April 15, 2012

This Worcester, MA-based band is prone to frequent hiatuses, so get on board with these righteous rally calls while they’re still active.

Dan Vapid And The Cheats – Review

April 15, 2012

These Chicago punk/power poppers aren’t shy about their Ramones love on their self-titled album. Featuring Dan Vapid of Screeching Weasel fame.

X – The Unheard Music – Review

January 27, 2012

X is the coolest band ever. From the twisted poetry of Exene and John Doe to the steely-eyed perpetual smile of Billy Zoom to a drummer named D.J. Bonebrake.

The Regime – Review

September 2, 2011

Dual singers, so you get a more mainstream rock vox on one hand, and a tougher voice on the other. You also get a fusillade of sound and fury.

Blitzkid – Apparitional – Review

June 10, 2011

Described as “horror punk,” Blitzkid’s no-frills, strictly traditional melodic punk is an overabundance of gang choruses, chants, and galloping drums.

Dwarves – Born Again – Review

June 1, 2011

18 new songs to fingerfuck your eardrums, from harmonized rampage to doo-wop teenage thrills. Only Blag is getting a handjob under the counter at the malt shop.

The Workhorse III – Review

November 1, 2009

Hey, are you a fan of LisaChristSuperstar, Limecell, or Bad Luck 13? Ex-members of those bands just formed a band called The Workhorse III!

Zero Boys – History Of – Review

June 1, 2009

The Zero Boys were a got-damn fantastic punk band from the second generation nation, after the mid/late ’70s shit hit the (few) fans and the dis-ease spread.

Millencolin – Machine 15 – Review

May 1, 2009

They craft good songs, many of which sound dated, some of which transcend style and can simply be heard as well-written songs. Timeless, catchy, and meaningful.

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