Ashers – Cold Dark Place – Review

February 1, 2009

Ex-members of Crash & Burn and The Unseen. Crash & Burn were barnstorming rock, filled with speedy riffs. The Unseen are/were mohawk punk, but damn hardcore.

Touchers – Blithe – Review

November 1, 2008

Completed just months before the death of singer “Bipolar” Ben Brisini. From frantic, loose and wild punk to country twang to garage rock rampage.

Chesterfield – Death Grip – Review

November 1, 2008

Metallic-produced punk, often gritty and rough-voiced, yet sometimes frantic and catchy, like Strung Out. Their mid-’90s punkpop is what attracts me the most.

McRackins – Eggzit – Review

November 1, 2008

If you’ve never heard of this sweet pop punk band, don’t beat yourself up. Two eggs, one dog, 10 finger-snapping songs to pogo around your room to.

Plan 9 – Manmade Monster – Review

September 1, 2008

Plan 9 roll out an alternative reality where the Misfits took the Ramones’ path and made records playing to their strongest rocking and ghouling suit.

D.I. – The Suburbia Sessions – Review

July 1, 2008

Practice space run through shot live and unedited by the Flipside crew. You may already know “Richard Hung Himself.” (Slayer rocked it on Undisputed Attitude.)

Pagans – The Blue Album – Review

May 1, 2008

One step up from boot recording, a rock and roll attack based in the classic Who, Stones, Pretty Things, ’60s Anglo-attack shot through a snot-garage attack.

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