Björk – at Avalon – Review

December 1, 1993

From behind the instruments emerged a little white china doll wearing a paper dress, painting gleeful smiles on the faces in the crowd.

Toetag – Reality – Review

October 1, 1993

A dose of Reality from Toe Tag. They were actually able to pull off capturing the raw energy of their live show and put it in a cellophaned package.

Being There – Review

October 1, 1993

Kosinski has always had the power to paint a lovely little story while making audacious comments about politics, people, and society in general.

Sexual Astrology – Review

October 1, 1993

Don’t let the title fool you. This is not a book about sex. It’s a book that focuses on gender-based and elemental astrology.

The Keepers – Review

October 1, 1993

Written and drawn by Phillip Owen this story is mainly based in Northampton, MA. Gives us a couple of heroes that draw on there heritage.

Q-South – at the Vertex – Review

October 1, 1993

They had a smooth, melodic sound that swept you away. The crowd was packed right up to the stage, so I only caught glimpses of the singer’s forehead.

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