Mullets Galore – Review

Mullets Galore

By Scott Hefflon

Ah, the mullet, haircut of the great American redneck. This is a site devoted to photos of rednecks posing sexy or tough, usually with beer cans in hand and maybe big mirrored shades, often in wife-beaters, sometimes in handcuffs. Sometimes they pose with their vans, sometimes with their Camaros. Often they give you the finger, sometimes they pose shirtless in front of the American Flag, and sometimes they just grin and hold up part of the animal they just shot dead cuz it was coming right at them. (That’s a South Park joke, and those guys know all about rednecks and dirty hippies.) There’s a classification system (with photos and most of the words are, like, small’n’stuff) for your convenience, and their links include and, just so ya know. They have great merch, stickers and tees and caps, with Fear the Mullet, Mullet Pride, and Mullitia (what, no Mullet Militia?) designs.