Gemm – Review


By Matthew Robinson

Created as a means of connecting music collectors to each other and to new and small artists and labels, The Global Electronic Music Marketplace (GEMM) has become the world’s largest music marketplace on the Internet. In a little over five years, they have grown from a collection of 250,000 distinct music titles to a catalog of over 14.5 million items.

“We have become the number one portal to purchase music through,” Co-founder and CEO Roger Raffee says. “Anything you can consider a collectable of one sort or another, it’s here!”

With over 15,000 visitors every day, most of whom are looking to sell as well as buy, GEMM is the perfect place to look for those rare and hard-to-find albums and bits of music memorabilia.

“If the album you want is not on GEMM today, come back and it’s sure to show up,” says record dealer and GEMM member Doug Sigel. “I don’t know of any other service that’s similar, and none of them are as extensive.”

As an originator of the online account system that protects purchases made on, GEMM has led its competition since the beginning and now touts a collection larger than Amazon and CDNow combined. Not that they’re content to rest on their laurels.

“The site is now easier to get around, and the amount of product on is unbelievable and just keeps growing,” Sigel observes.

So whether it’s Hungarian techno or the new 7″ from your favorite local band, has probably got you covered.