Grand Magus – Wolf’s Return – Review

grandmagnus200Grand Magus

Wolf’s Return (Candlelight)
by Scott Hefflon

Swedish doom rock done right. Strong, clear production. Unlike a lot of “stoner rock” related stuff, this has some energy, some strong vocals, and a few of the melodies will stick after a couple spins, unlike the melodies being an afterthought to “sounding like Sabbath.” Sabbath had riffs you could hum, while a lot of this genre is as hummable as warming up your car, remembering yet again that yer muffler is nearly shot to shit. A band like this makes me really wish Candlelight U.S. understood and got down with the mp3 comp so I could help promote ’em. While known in the right underground circles, any casual fan of Monster Magnet and Down could dig into chunks of this.