Milk Cult – Burn or Bury – Review

March 1, 1995

Incorporating dance beats, sound effects like the winged terror Rodan, and a guest appearance by Faith No More’s Mike Patton, every song takes on its own style.

Seed – ling – Review

September 1, 1994

The mixture of vocal styles, one rich and mellow and the other forceful and demanding, work magically together.

Cop Shoot Cop – Review

September 1, 1994

Release is one of those rare works that can catch a listener on the anger factor alone. Frustration drips from the CD like toxic waste from a treatment plant.

Supersuckers – La Cornuda – Review

August 1, 1994

With cowboy hats, mirrored shades, and rock star poses, Supersuckers had the sweaty masses boppin’ and slammin’. They may be jokesters, but they do it well.

Godspeed – Ride – Review

August 1, 1994

These five guys from Jersey know how to brew a nasty, skull-battering concoction that somehow fuses metal, hardcore, and acid rock all in one.

Deeper Shade – Review

August 1, 1994

With a voice reminiscent of Corey Glover, Tim High has certainly got the pipes to pull off whatever the band chooses to play.

Cobalt 60 – Radiator – Review

August 1, 1994

The sampler-oriented five song release displays their psycho-thrash sound honed into a razor sharp vision of urban nightmares and introspective realities.

Sweaty Nipples – Review

June 1, 1994

Three people yell, two play bass, two play guitar, two play drums, all make nonsensical statements to the press as to the underlying meaning of existence.

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