There – We Are – Review

July 26, 2004

Chopping a bit of Motörhead speed into powerhawg bellbottomed Nixon-era lines will spin your head just right. Sabbath covers are as obvious as they are correct.

Speedealer – Burned Alive – Review

July 12, 2004

Recording quality is great, the impression of an intimate setting is certainly there, but with the full rock’n’roll presence any Speedealer fan would expect.

Speedealer – Bleed – Review

July 12, 2004

Shit-hot “live-in-one-take” disc from one of the world’s foremost flamethrower aggropunk-rock units. Primal early rock and roll, punk dynamism, and metal chomp.

Probot – Review

July 12, 2004

Dave Grohl acknowledges his love for old-school metal by writing a bunch of songs and sending them to his favorite metal vocalists to add lyrics and vocals.

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