Batman Forever – Review

July 1, 1995

The Offspring “Smash It Up.” Michael Hutchence goes solo from INXS. Sunny Day Real Estate gain exposure. And Flaming Lips was hilarious when set to Jim Carrey.

Peter Murphy – Cascade – Review

June 1, 1995

Cascade finds pouty Pete gargling on his customary elixir of abject despair, albeit with more sensual atmospheres and textures than his previous albums.

My So-Called Life – Review

March 1, 1995

“Alternative” music to a sensitive fifteen year old. Sonic Youth and Archer of Loaf saved me from hating the whole thing, but that’s just me.

Godspeed – Ride – Review

August 1, 1994

These five guys from Jersey know how to brew a nasty, skull-battering concoction that somehow fuses metal, hardcore, and acid rock all in one.

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