Pagan Metal: A Documentary – Review

October 10, 2010

Turisas, Korpiklaani, TYR, Finntroll, Leaves Eyes, and others are universally nice, even as Bill Zebub drags the questioning into his predictable banality.

Jesus Christ: Serial Rapist – Review

April 28, 2006

The film consists of 75 minutes of continuous rape. Those with a rape fantasy whose Hentai is out of reach will be well served. Most will be disgusted.

Bad Acid – Review

April 28, 2006

Normally, egotistical Z-movie trainwrecks like this have just enough to make it worth playing, on mute, at a party. This doesn’t rise to that level.

Dirtbags: Armpits of Metal – Review

April 28, 2006

New Jersey metalhead Bill Zebub and his gang of homophobic, sexist, racist, drug addled, alcoholic buddies scam on chicks and brew homemade date rape drugs in this tediously slow, unfunny, Z-level turd.

The Crucifier – Review

April 28, 2006

Z-movie king Bill Zebub plops out another no budget shock flick, this one centering around an LSD party gone wrong.

Kill The Scream Queen – Review

April 28, 2006

Bill Zebub’s limp attempt to make a sadistic shocker film like I Spit On Your Grave (which sucked) or Last House On The Left (had some artistic merit).

Metalheads – Review

June 13, 2005

On the cheap, badly acted, repetitive, plagued by horrible audio and all over the place funny.