Bad Acid – Review

dvd-badacid200Bad Acid

with Freddie Dingo, Dave Howarth, Peter Steele
Directed and written by Bill Zebub
(Bill Zebub Productions)
by Mike Delano

Bill Zebub gives hope to metal fans everywhere. Thanks to his films, we now know that a pale, frizzy-haired mid-30s dude in a Manowar-approved wardrobe (long-sleeved black concert shirt, black jeans, black boots) can score with cute chicks. Sure, they’re hired. Sure, they seem mildly repulsed to be near him on film. And no, they’re not really that cute.

So, there’s no hope for metal guys when it comes to the women, just like there’s no hope that Bill Zebub will ever make a film remotely entertaining.

Bad Acid is basically 90 minutes of assorted, unconnected scenes of random shit. Zebub and his buddy take acid and walk around. Zebub goes to a party. Zebub goes to his radio show. Distortion gives the viewer the impression they are on acid. Metal tracks drone in the background. Animated sharks jump out of toilets while King Diamond wails on the soundtrack.

Chances are, if you’re in the mood for some intentionally bad, silly cult slop, you won’t be offended by Bad Acid‘s AIDS jokes and general misogyny. However, even the most forgiving should find it hard to go along with the film’s KKK-approved racism, including a white character in blackface with an afro and bugged-out eyes. From the extras, it appears that character appears in Zebub’s other films, which is a real treat.

Normally, egotistical Z-movie trainwrecks like this have just enough pitiable material to make it worth screening, on mute, at a party where everyone’s getting drunk. This doesn’t rise to that level. Bad Acid: It’s Worth the Trip to New Jersey to Punch Bill Zebub in the Face.