Jesus Christ: Serial Rapist – Review

dvd-jesuschristserial200Jesus Christ: Serial Rapist

with Alexandra Voskoboynikov, Rocco Martone, Bill Zebub
(Bill Zebub)
by Mike Delano

I must have done something to insult Editor Scott Hefflon. Why else would he sentence me to reviewing not one, but two “films” by deranged New Jersey metalhead/director Bill Zebub.

It started with Bad Acid, a no-budget, no-talent vanity project wherein Zebub, a stocky, long-haired middle-aged dude, goes through all of the banalities of everyday life on acid, an effect created by distorted camera tricks and a droning heavy metal soundtrack. This isn’t Wesley Willis funny, this isn’t Howard Stern “Whack Pack” funny, it’s just awful. Shark attack awful.

That Bad Acid featured multiple scenes of seemingly effortless misogyny was of little surprise; it was when the movie’s sole Black guy was portrayed, in black face and with an afro, as a jive-talking idiot, that the movie went from one to be pitied to one to be hated.

Apparently, with his new film Jesus Christ: Serial Rapist, Zebub is giving his overt racism a rest, much to the Klan’s dismay. Given the ease with which many in the religious community are offended, the Christ theme here almost seems too easy, so leave it Zebub to tack on the theme of rape, which is a tough sell to even the most tolerant fans of the intentionally offensive. Since the film consists of essentially 75 minutes of continuous rape, those with a rape fantasy whose Hentai is out of reach will be well served. Most will be disgusted.

I raise a white flag to you, Scott Hefflon. Whatever my sins, I have paid dearly. Please, inflict all future Zebub on another unsuspecting victim and let us call a truce.