Coffin Case – Review

stuff-coffincase200Coffin Case

by Dave Dawson
model: Manda
photo by Bruce Bettis

I’ve been playing guitar for 25 years or so, and I’ve never given much thought to the case my guitar lives in. My guitar is closer than a lover and more loyal than my best friend, and I’ve been storing it in a bland, rectangular box. What a way to treat a friend!

While trolling for cute girls on MySpace, I stumbled across Coffin Case, a company that makes coffin-shaped guitar cases. Their website is filled with super hot girls posing with the various models of cases, and they make cases that will fit every guitar I can think of (well, except that goofy guitar Prince uses). On top of guitar and bass cases, they have pedal effects boards, drumstick bags, and various road cases, as well as purses, brief cases, gun cases, tattoo gun cases, and the Black Kross line of drum head cases, cymbol bags, amp head cases, and more.

coffincasephotoThe case I requested is the 2000-P Universal Guitar Case ($169.95). It’s constructed of pressure molded ABS black plastic and is lined with tucked purple velvet. It closes with five steel latches and has a lock. They even have a matching pillow to go beneath the neck to keep your axe nice and snug. Aside from looking cool, the case is really nicely made, and solid as hell.

They also sent us a Coffin Purse ($59.95). The purse is 12 inches long, shaped like a coffin, of course, it’s edged in steel like a road case and lined with tufted burgundy satin. When I gave it to the model, Manda, she clutched it to her breast and let out a little girl squeal of pleasure. When she was leaving, she had to wrestle it away from the photographer’s girlfriend, Mari. I ran for the baby oil, but alas, I was too slow.
skirt provided by Stingray Body Art