Olivia Barware – Review

April 28, 2006

Featuring the artwork of Olivia, the world-famous pin-up artist, these glasses are awesome. I’ve been a fan since her paintings on the cover of Heavy Metal.

Toxic Toons – Review

April 28, 2006

A must-have for any Eric Pigor fan, and a really cool gift for any horror or collectible toy fan.

Coffin Case – Review

April 28, 2006

While trolling for cute girls on MySpace, I stumbled across Coffin Case, a company that makes coffin-shaped guitar cases.

DIY for Dummies – Rant

June 13, 2005

Parents didn’t do their kids any favors when they said they were special and that they could do anything. Not every kid is special. Most of them suck.

School of Rock – Review

February 2, 2004

I want to know what these kids will come up with when they have their own head-on collisions with teen angst, not just tribute angst for some outgrown rocker.

Garbage Pail – Fake Band Names Dealing with Religion – Column

January 3, 2003

With Christian Rock being “so big,” and everyone from sports stars and award-accepting actors to politicians name-dropping the Big G, here’s a sampling of religion-oriented band/album names I came up with: Communal Whine, The Highway to Hellmen, Pinhead Angels, Virgin Mary Stripshow…

What We Wipe With – Fiction

June 1, 2001

We’ve all run out of toilet paper. It’s a product we’re embarrassed to buy in a busy grocery store despite the fact that everyone has to at some point. But this time we’re the spectacle lugging the 144-roll pack to the checkout because it saves 3 cents a roll.

The Lonelies – Part Eight – Fiction

April 1, 2001

“He gets shipped down to some psychiatric hospital down around South Portland somewhere… And then, while he’s in the hospital his mother drives down to visit and she dies in a car crash. I mean, they were never very close or anything, but she was his only family in the world.”

Garbage Pail – Young Adult Movies – Column

September 1, 2000

Since pomo porno titles like Good Will Humping and Romancing The Bone are always good for a laugh, it got us thinking: What if adult movies sought inspiration from the titles of young adult novels?

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