Metal=Life Volume II – Review

March 2, 2007

Exclusively from Hot Topic, Metal = Life 2 features some of the best and worst metal and hardcore acts of today. The two CDs pack a bulky 38 tracks.

Converge – No Heroes – Review

December 15, 2006

Built on a mound of rubble, a synergy of brawn and brut, all with the sting of a large vodka and soda, the precious metal(s) that they are, and totally rawk.

Cinema Beer Buddy – Review

October 15, 2003

Videos by Jimmy Eat World, Midtown, A.F.I., Strung Out and The Ataris. The highlight is the video for Taking Back Sunday’s song “Cute Without the ‘E.'”

Converge – Jane Doe – Review

March 15, 2002

One of the most intense albums of the genre, finding a link between grindcore, emo, and hardcore with scary time-signatures and crazed chord progressions.