Bile – Biledegradeable – Review

June 1, 1997

Mutha Krysztoff did his usual brilliant work in the studio, but with Father Slave barely involved, Bile is missing half the chromosomes for a decent disc.

Sunshine Blind – Liquid – Review

May 1, 1997

“Neon” is a perfect dark rock anthem, and yet it’s a refrain original enough and backed by enough power to keep it far from the realm of Gothic cliches.

Bile – Teknowhore – Review

May 1, 1996

As with Suck Pump, this latest industrial, effect-laden release courses through the veins like adrenaline sprinkled liberally with slivers of glass.

Big Hair – Pickle Farm – Review

April 1, 1995

Big Hair hits you like a whirling punk Turkish dervish. A wild frenzy of bass, fiddle, and nasal, screaming vocals a la Primus that maintains a frenetic energy.

M.O.D. – Devolution – Review

September 1, 1994

A few politically-oriented songs, “Land of the Free” and “Unhuman Race,” and also “Rock Tonite,” a party mosh frenzy of inane and repetitive lyrics.

Souls At Zero – Review

December 1, 1993

Wrathchild (later Wrathchild America) was a pretty basic metal band, Souls At Zero emerged with the same line-up and a blistering sound.