Flesh and Boredom in Vegas – Column

April 1, 1997

Combine porn stars who show up to sign autographs and pose for pictures and their admirers and you have hundreds of male dogs in need of a leg to hump.

Muffled Screams – Fiction

December 1, 1996

We borrowed the car of our hapless distribution guy, a putz puttering his way through life in a 1990 Hyundai that was about as muffled as Courtney Love’s mouth

Pony – Fiction

October 1, 1996

We were facing the band and… I felt like… A million bucks… Fully charged on the ephedrine pony… Of sweet rock ‘n’ roll

The Culture Bunker – Fiction

October 1, 1996

Glance at the sleeve art once or twice, take large chunks out of the press release, and intersperse it with random phrases from your little sister’s diary.