School of Rock – Review

October 4, 2004

Jack Black plays a fat, overzealous loser, who scams his way into a snooty prep school as a substitute teacher, because… well, who really cares?

School of Rock – Review

February 2, 2004

I want to know what these kids will come up with when they have their own head-on collisions with teen angst, not just tribute angst for some outgrown rocker.

High Fidelity – Review

June 1, 2000

Much in the vein of Douglas Coupland’s collection of slacker stories, the point is to examine the life of the subject, and how he reacts to the day-to-day.

Ultra Swank – Review

January 1, 2000

Cacophone Records, outta Albany, NY, has assembled their Ultra Swank sampler. If trashy, degenabilly punk is something you like, maybe you’ll buy more.

Armed and Hammered – Review

February 1, 1996

16 songs by eight bands. Three of these bands are top-notch. Three are pretty damn good and two… well, I squeezed ’em and didn’t like what came out.