Witchcraft – Legend – Review

December 11, 2012

The Swedes craft some fine rock tunes, playable in any decade, with strong vocals (manly, but with a bit of humility), and duel guitars that don’t wank.

Abigail Williams – Legend – Review

March 18, 2007

Five-song EP from a Gothenburg-style Phoenix four-piece. Thrash gallop and blastbeats, blackened shrieks, keys of terror, and guitarwork like Emperor.

Tomb Raider – Legend – Review

October 20, 2006

Exciting, whether it’s jumping while mowing down enemies or Lara’s new close-combat moves, like a springboard technique that slows down time Matrix-style.

John Lennon – Legend – Review

May 23, 2004

You almost feel like you’re getting reacquainted with someone close and dear. Legend’s crowning achievement: It makes John a real person.