Bowling for Columbine – Review

February 2, 2004

Bowling for Columbine, Moore’s take on American gun culture, is somewhat less snarky than his debut, Roger and Me, but not by much.

WWF Forceable Entry – Review

August 2, 2002

Boring. Maybe this is for trudging through the mall, looking cool and checking your cap, the paces slow enough so your pants won’t fall down around your ankles.

MTV Celebrity Deathmatch – Review

April 1, 2000

It has the good graces to throw in a bit of rock, metal, and Goth amidst the disposable hip-hopcore (or whatever), but it can’t save this dog.

Strangeland – Review

April 1, 1999

Written by and starring Dee Snider, Strangeland is a feast for the eyes and imagination, and the soundtrack is a feast for the ears.

Lost Highway Soundtrack – Review

April 1, 1997

David Lynch enlisted the services of Trent Reznor to compile its soundtrack, in much the same way Rezzie put together the collage for Natural Born Killers.

S.F.W. – Review

November 1, 1994

A fine comp of grunge, punk, and assorted music for the angry. There’s Soundgarden, Hole, Radiohead, Cop Shoot Cop, and Suicidal Tendencies, to name a few.

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