The Metal Years – Power Metal – Review

November 11, 2002

If you follow these genres, most of these bands are familiar. They’re mostly the big names, with little “filler,” and omissions were probably licensing issues.

Metal Dreams – Vol. 3 – Review

February 22, 2002

I’m an admitted speed freak (the verb, not necessarily the drug), and while Goth metal tickles my brooding dark side, I’m just not a fan of ballads.

Identity 7 – Deadly Sins – Review

February 22, 2002

Fans will get hard-ons for Candiria, Iced Earth, Stuck Mojo, and Nevermore while being exposed to Krisiun, …And Oceans, The Forsaken, and other eye-poppers.

Beauty in Darkness – Vol. 5 – Review

February 22, 2002

18 songs, 78 minutes, there’s creepy, brutal, eerie, sexy, and every combination you can imagine, and plenty you can’t until you hear these dark masters.

Identity Five – Review

September 1, 1999

With 17 tracks, 76 minutes, there’s something here for anyone into metal: Heavy, power, nü, black, death, doom, epic, Goth, hardcore, and the schools within.

Nevermore – In Memory – Review

September 1, 1996

Three re-worked demo tracks, a cover of Bauhaus’ “Silent Hedges/Double Dare,” and new scorcher “Optimist or Pessimist,” the heaviest song they’ve yet done.