Buddy Does Seattle – Review

February 3, 2006

By the great Peter Bagge, this is a helluva book with 336 pages of black and white humor. The complete Buddy Bradley stories from Bagge’s Hate comics Vol. 1.

Underground Station – Column

June 13, 2005

Now the term is “alternative comics,” which pushes the borders back from political/dope-oriented or bawdy stories to equally controversial graphic novels.

Underground Station – Column

April 19, 2002

Additional adult-oriented comic titles include Shaundra, Tart, Ship of Fools, Demi, and One Fisted Tales. They even feature truly underground titles like LCD #1, The Complete Crumb, and Horny Biker Sluts to name a few of my favorites.

Underground Station – Column

February 22, 2002

It’s a hardcover, about 300 pages, and well-designed by Dutch undergrounder, Joost Swarte. It’s chock-full of obscure magazine covers, European oddities, and lost and forgotten trading cards and record covers that Crumb has done over the years that never saw real exposure.

Underground Station – Column

June 1, 2001

Hate died two years ago, abandoned by Peter. This item features two all-new strips including an unpublished Buddy Bradley strip and several unpublished items.

Underground Station – Column

January 1, 2000

Here’s some news that made me want to spend the entire month alone in bed: Kitchen Sink, one of the primary and initial publishers of underground comics (UGs), officially sank, to coin an unfortunate pun. One of the oldest and best of the underground comics publishers is gone.

Underground Station – Column

April 1, 1998

One handsome book that I can recommend unequivocally is Buddy Go Home by Peter Bagge. This is Vol. 4 of the Buddy Bradley stories from Hate.