Gothic Industrial Madness – Review

April 19, 2002

This three-hour, 40-song DVD video collection compiles the VHS collections Industrial Revolution 1 and 2 and Gothic Industrial Alternative Visuals.

Into the Mix – Review

March 1, 1998

After the first few tracks, the album becomes incredibly dance floor and not much of a freaky head trip.

In Dust We Trust – Review

December 1, 1996

The first track, Sheep On Drugs’ “X-Lover (critter remix),” is worth the price of the CD. The other tracks range from long, plodding numbers to dancy ones.

Psychic TV – Trip Reset – Review

February 1, 1996

Slightly more gentle than what I’m used to with Genesis P-Orridge, with the exception of “Mother Jack (A Children’s Story)”. Trip Reset will straighten you out.

Download – Furnace – Review

December 1, 1995

Furnace is sinister, menacing, and not afraid to grab your neck and hurl you through a window of perception in hopes that you’ll cut your line of sight.