Into the Mix – Review

Into the Mix

by Malcolm E

When I first saw the credits for Into The Mix (Hypnotic/Cleopatra), I couldn’t wait. Chemical Brothers remix Prodigy who remix Art Of Noise, Orbital remix Meat Beat Manifesto, Banco de Gaia remix L.S.G., Sabers of Paradise remix Psychic TV, stuff like that. But after the first few tracks (“Voodoo People,” “Mindstream,” a Front 242 remix of “Eternal Zeme” by Talla 2XLC), the album becomes incredibly dance floor and not much of a freaky head trip. Now, since I’m not a DJ, and I don’t throw many floor-shaking parties, this doesn’t really do it. A second disc is included, and it’s much the same. Tracks by Bypass Unit, Anubian Lights and Xylon, among others. As an aside, there is a Switchblade Symphony remix here (“Clown”), and the Psychic TV track is… interesting, to say the least. But that’s good.