Front 242 – Still & Raw – Review

October 1, 2003

Gone are the aggressive singing, the abrasive beats, the youthful rancor of old. They’ve been replaced by a mellower, subtler, wiser breed of Front 242.

Front 242 – Pulse – Review

October 1, 2003

Pure annoyance. The tracks don’t even share smooth continuity to make it sound as if they were attempting to build some kind of arc toward a larger conclusion.

Into the Mix – Review

March 1, 1998

After the first few tracks, the album becomes incredibly dance floor and not much of a freaky head trip.

Channel Zero – Unsafe – Review

October 1, 1995

Hint of Pro-Pain, Korn, and countless others. When the voice goes over the edge and howls, “Sucking me dry for my energy,” you know you’ve got a hit.