Channel Zero – Unsafe – Review

Channel Zero

Unsafe (Metal Blade)
by Scott Hefflon

What began as rather dull metal with a cool tired vampire voice, launched into an angry, diverse roar-a-thon. Channel Zero has a hint of Pro-Pain, Korn, and countless others. When the voice goes over the edge, gets distorted, and howls, “Sucking me dry for my energy,” you know you’ve got a hit. Billy Milano of M.O.D. kicks in his barrel-chested bellow for “Bad to the Bone” and Richard 23 from Front 242 can be heard on other songs. What I like best are the pedal-to-the-floorboard pit provokers that make people run and hide as the arms start a-flailing. Sure, it’s just walls of guitar and raw, throaty vocals designed to make suburban metal kids drive fast and scowl at each other, but “Dashboard Devils” begins with, “Come on, fuckos, let’s go,” a De Nero Goodfellas quote. Ahh, the sweet sound of rage.