The Pledge of Alliance Tour – Review

August 2, 2002

Three of the bigger, “brighter” stars in the nü metal scrapheap, as well as also-rans their labels are trying to hype to the hilt to fool the foolable.

System Of A Down – Toxicity – Review

April 12, 2002

Top of the nü metal shitheap. They scream, bellow, and nyah-nyah in falsetto, but throw eight parts into a song, and that’s seven more than the bottomfeeders.

MTV’s Return of The Rock – Review

September 1, 2000

MTV is opening saying they’d turned their back on your passé music, but now they’re back to sell you what you already should’ve considered Heavy Music 101!

Heavy Metal FAKK2 – Review

April 1, 2000

74 minute slab of either industrial, nü metal, rapcore, electrometal, or some variation therein. A few pleasant surprises, a lot of barrel-scrapers.

Strangeland – Review

April 1, 1999

Written by and starring Dee Snider, Strangeland is a feast for the eyes and imagination, and the soundtrack is a feast for the ears.

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