Scum – Gospels for the Sick – Review

March 3, 2006

Puree of Casey Chaos (Amen), Samoth & Faust (Emperor), Cosmocrator (Mindgrinder), and Happy Tom (Turbonegro) tastes sour, when it should be extreme metal gold.

Turbonegro – Party Animals – Review

December 9, 2005

Returns speed and scum to Turbonegro’s arsenal, retaining the early years’ hunger with the post-reunion fondness for stadium rock. Best secret song EVER.

Punk-O-Rama – 8 – Review

October 15, 2003

As established a tradition as the Warped Tour, every year Punk-O-Rama features a blend of loved and hated stalwarts from Epitaph with upstarts making a buzz.

Turbonegro – Ass Cobra – Review

July 13, 2003

Songs titles like “The Midnight NAMBLA,” “I Got Erection,” and “Denim Demon” may set off joke-band alarms, but it’s obvious the band is serious about its music.

How We Rock – Review

January 3, 2003

This comp nails it. Unlike Now That’s What I Call Shitty Music: Volume Four Billion, How We Rock compiles 19 hotshots and whatnots both trendy and “classic.”

Turbonegro – Darkness Forever! – Review

February 22, 2002

There’s a tongue’n’cheek quality goin’ on here, ‘specially when they do stuff like “Back to Dungaree High” and “Don’t Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker.”