Le Tigre – This Island – Review

April 18, 2005

Kathleen Hanna’s seething siren howl blaring over Johanna Fateman’s chunky, fuzzed guitar and JD Samson’s writhing and cranking beats is perfection to my ears.

The Mars Volta – Live – Review

March 8, 2004

The biggest complaint about The Mars Volta is that, although their full-length is damn near impeccable, their live shows feel like an exercise is wankery.

Chumbawamba – Readymades – Review

January 3, 2003

Very catchy and playable. Still, it lacks the teeth-gnashing anger of Tubthumper, with its backwards Hail Mary and lines like “kick your face in so politely.”

Jeremiah Freed – Review

July 12, 2002

Maybe it’s a Maine thing, but Jeremiah Freed practically oozes “down-home honesty,” and in a world of preening peacocks, that’s refreshing.

Mushroomhead – XX – Review

June 28, 2002

Ministry added samples to metal riffs. Now that’s mundane. Mushroomhead added death roar, icy detachment, loony narration, keyboard eeriness, and rap bombast.

Afroman – The Good Times – Review

April 20, 2002

Afroman is laid-back party rap, with a distinct feel-good vibe like reggae (without any politics about, like, oppression and stuff that’s such a buzzkill).

Stroke 9 – Rip It Off – Review

April 12, 2002

“Kick Some Ass,” (in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back) rules. I like when bands make fun of shithead fans/bands, especially when the dipshits still don’t get it.

Shades Apart – Sonic Boom – Review

February 22, 2002

Sonic Boom is as neutered as the unimaginative title suggests. While the three members can still play their instruments, they’ve retained none of the spirit.

MDFMK – Review

June 1, 2000

MDFMK (KMFDM backwards) is similar to KMFDM, so what? They had many good ideas spread over their 10 years of “techno/industrial dance” pioneering/regurgitating.

Godsmack – Review

January 1, 1999

Being called “Alice in Chains meets Helmet” sounds like a compliment, it really means, “remember the early ’90s sound? Well, this band is stuck there.”