Within Reality – Petty – Fiction

Within Reality

by Scott Hefflon


Petty. Small word, big thought. Petty.
Someone had the nerve to call my writing petty.
I was unnerved and exploded.
It was rather messy.
Actually, come to think of it, it was me that called me Petty.
The explosion was internal.
Good. House cleaning has never been my strong point.
Petty. After mopping myself up,
I thought about it. I’m petty.
“So?” My defensive response countered,
Pretending to be bored with the idea.
Such wit! Such thought-provoking insight!
Such a load of crap.
I’ve just insulted my entire existence and the best
Rationalization I can come up with is “So?”
I shrug and ignore myself and busy myself doing nothing.
I want an explanation! I demand.
“I want an egg salad sandwich. What’s your point?” I reply.
I would remind myself that that was my original question,
But it seems rather pointless.
I’m too stubborn to listen to anything I have to say.
Forget it, it was a dumb idea in the first place.
“No kidding,” I quip sarcastically.
Oh, now we feel like talking about it, do we?
“Lick me,” I tell myself.
No. It wasn’t me that brought it up again. I egg myself on.
“That’s not the point, because there is no point. You are petty. So what? So is everything else when taken separately at face value. Every person, every event, every thought, every everything is insignificant in and unto itself. It’s where and how each fits into the big picture that determines the Meaning of anything. Nothing means nothing because there’s nothing to be Done with something that isn’t. But every something means something if you Do something with it. Something can mean anything, depending only on what Something you do with it. Anything can mean something, by the same token. Nothing means nothing no matter what you try to do to it. It’s still nothing. Let’s stop doing nothing and go get something to eat. I’m starved.”
I am too