International Tattoo Art – Review

International Tattoo Art

by Aimee Ouellette

International Tattoo Art (I.T.A.) is a tattoo magazine brought to you by none other than the world renowned artist himself, Jonathan Shaw. Is that what gives this tat mag so much class? That’s right, I said class. The magazine claims to be “not another one of those ‘I’ve got big breast and a tiny tattoo tee-hee,’ rags.” It delivers.

For those of you who are disappointed, don’t fret. There are plenty of naked women to satisfy. They’re just not as unnecessarily naked, as in other publications that shall remain nameless.

The graphics and photography are professional, unlike others where you’re wondering what the photographer was on when he took the picture and why he didn’t bother to use a flash. The tattoos depicted focus on the most artful, intricate and interesting. You won’t find 101 adaptations on the tiger or dragon theme here.

The magazine does the artist justice as an artist, not just as a tatter. I.T.A.‘s art director, Debbie Ullman, deserves recognition for upholding a level of quality the rest just don’t match.

The magazine has one more surprise. There are articles on facets of the art not seen too often. This includes reviews on other publications, books and videos, as well as interviews with well-known tattooists and tattooees. The magazine is a little on the expensive side, but you won’t find a better peep hole into the tattoo world than through I.T.A.